Reduce customer losses and satisfy your existing clients by anticipating their desires and needs towards electric companies.

Electric company is a kind of service, which customers do not change very often. It’s an advantage, because once being acquired, they are becoming the loyal ones with great probability. It might take too many efforts to change a supplier, or difference in the expenses is not too crucial. On the contrary, when an electric company loses a customer, the same reasons work against it.
Why Cancel is a service, aimed at decreasing the customer outflow and detecting the crucial reasons that make your customers change their electric supplier. Collect and systematize the data, get the most effective background for making changes to your business and customer retention strategies.

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Get help from our survey experts with organizing productive and reliable questionnaire right from the very start.

Successful collecting of customer voices in Why Cancel relies on making the right questionnaire. Despite seeming quite obvious and relatively easy task, in fact, it’s the response rate, quality of gathered voices and their use for the business development, what makes the difference.

Our team of experienced survey professionals will help your company with aligning its goals according to the projected survey, choosing the most relevant questionnaire format and making the questions themselves, possibly even with Skip-logic functionality for assurance of quality and data validation. This way you will minimize the possible errors and have an opportunity not to distract from your main duties and later concentrate on retention strategies instead of constant analyzing, editing and improving the content of surveys.

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Integrate Why Cancel into the everyday workflow of your electric company for controlling the dissatisfaction and mitigating the negative trends.

Identify the reason that made your customers to cancel their contract. Temporary stability often suddenly passes and trends tend to change rapidly. Being proactive and controlling the situation, no matter what happens, is being ready to any turn of luck and acting in advance.

Why Cancel is constructed to meet any requirements of modern business. It connects to your system and when the customer of your company cancels the subscription, it catches his name, email and sends him a previously prepared survey to find out the reason. There are certain settings inside Why Cancel, which will also help you with acquiring the needed information like language of the survey, time of sending the survey by the system after the cancellation has occurred and the possibility to automatically send customer a reminder, if he misses or ignores your survey for the first time. Once being set up Why Cancel then functions in fully automatic mode. You just visit the reports section from time to time or whenever it is needed for controlling the results or reading comments of the customers.

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Simple, yet professional analyzing the results and generating the reports inside Why Cancel will make your analytical work pleasant, not troublesome.

As soon as your customer gives his answers to the questions of your survey, the results are being instantly analyzed on our cloud servers and displayed inside your system in real time. You have the possibility to check both the aggregated results for each question as well as to read each vote or comment separately.

Why Cancel generates beautiful, informative diagrams and charts based on the question types used in your survey. With one mouse click the received results can be filtered by participation date, customer group, language etc. You may exclude any non-relevant results or votes from the overall statistics. The generated online reports can be exported into various file formats for the further work.

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Contact us for connecting Why Cancel to your system in the shortest time possible.

In order to connect Why Cancel to your system and set up automatic tracking of unsubscriptions, please, contact our team via phone, email or online chat at the right bottom corner of the screen. We will do the needed coding and make sure that everything runs smoothly and works as it should.

For any custom requests, help or questions, please, use the communication channels mentioned above or use the price quotation form below. We are always open for the discussions and will gladly help you to become the electric supplier your customers would only dream of.

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