Let your customers share their reasons for the cancellation of gym subscription to become the dream place for training sessions.

When something is not going right, people often take French leave. They can also slip away for other reasons, like relocation, money problems or more beneficial conditions in competitor’s gym. Possessing the accurate, timely statistics and fresh data means controlling the situation and having leeway to react. The lack of communication and ignorance of what is happening makes the business unprotected and left to chance.

Why Cancel deals with everything from above by automatically sending survey to the customers who cancel your gym subscription, gathering their opinions and comments, analyzing the received results and reporting them to you in a simple yet informative form.

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Get the help of experts in making the properly composed, efficient survey.

For more than 10 years our survey department helps to implement individual questionnaires and surveys based on the peculiarities and needs of the specific business. The staff works closely with the client, learns the initial data and develops effective, targeted survey, which, if being implemented according to our advices is able to bring high response rate and the results themselves in readable and usable form for the further work.

If you decide to request our help, in order to make the best survey for you, one of our experts will schedule a meeting with your representative during which your demands and goals are being closely studied and the recommendation on the best ways to organize a survey in your particular case are discussed. Then he designs a survey with an eye on the optimal relevance and sends it to you for evaluation and giving your comments. After the final approval you have the survey, which can then be used inside Why Cancel system.

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Always know what makes customers leave your gym and use this information in your favor. Why Cancel will automatically supply you with the necessary data.

Why Cancel is able to be adjusted according to the model of customer subscription used by your gym. If you use a registry or any similar system, then in order for a survey to be sent to the customers who have cancelled their subscriptions or haven’t extended them, all you need to do is export their names, emails and send them in a form of an Excel document to Why Cancel. (Notice that we also have ways of supporting other file formats). The system will analyze the received data and send the survey to your customers according to the time preset settings.

If you allow your customers to subscribe/unsubscribe via your website, then Why Cancel is being connected to it. When the unsubscription occurs, it automatically catches customer’s name, email and sends the previously prepared survey in a time adjusted by you.

When the customer answers the survey questions, they are instantly analyzed by our analytical engine. If he misses or ignores the received survey, Why Cancel will identify it and send him a reminder in a few days. (Notice, that this feature is optional).

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Use the full power of our analytical engine with advanced filtering, text analysis and real-time reports.

The real value of the collected data lies in qualitative analysis and reporting. Inside Why Cancel we have implemented and included the most useful and often required features you would need to get the most of your customers’ answers.

The next minute after receiving the answer from the customer, the reports with charts are being generated. They display the general statistics with total number of answers and the percentage of respondents for every answering option. Text responses are analyzed in a separate way and you can see the most popular opinions in a format of a text cloud. Various filters by date, language, trainer as well as review of the individual responses are available within one mouse click. The needed reports can be constructed, generated and downloaded in the most popular file formats.

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Start using Why Cancel in your gym today for minimizing the customer losses or contact our team and get help for the easy start.

Depending on the quantity of gyms you want to use Why Cancel in, there are different account types available. You can order the one that suits your needs in the best way right now. If you wish to connect Why Cancel to your website for automatic tracking of customer unsubscriptions, please contact our team by phone, email or online chat on site. The same communication channels can also be used for any other requests, help or questions.

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