Retain your existing customers, influence their loyalty and set your insurance company apart from the competitors with help of data from cancelling customers.

Cancelling customers are always a major loss for any company. It means lost revenue and sales, lost future referrals, distraction and demoralization of the internal staff, a blow to the company’s reputation and much more. However, people will always come and go and even the best manager in the world can do nothing about it. What you can do to get the most out of the situation is to understand what crucial reasons made people go and do your best for eliminating or minimizing them.

Why Cancel is a tool, which lets to create in a right way and automatically send a survey to the clients in a certain time after they have decided to stop using your insurance service for finding out the reason. The results are than gathered, analysed in real time and presented in an informative view, convenient for drawing the conclusions and making further actions.

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Receive our expert help to create the perfect survey that will bring the results and answers you are looking for.

The first and very important step for receiving relevant answers is correct survey creation. It means choosing the right question content and type, proper survey length, constructing Skip-logic and many other aspects people often underestimate.

Why Cancel is not just a tool, it is a team of survey experts and developers behind, who always strive to help customers achieve the results matching their needs. Why Cancel lets to create a survey of any complexity, while Examinare survey experts are always at your service. They will help you to identify the best approach for organizing the survey among your lost customers and can even compose the most effective survey questions for your insurance company. All you have to do is schedule an online meeting between the representative of your company and one of our survey experts.

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Track your unsubscribed customers and timely take actions to return them or discover their opinion and let them share the experience of working with your company with you.

With Why Cancel we provide you with several ways of reaching the customers, depending on your business. If you let the customers order and stop using the insurance services via your website, Why Cancel is being connected to the website. When a service cancellation or unsubscription occurs, it catches the customer’s name, email and automatically sends him a previously prepared survey with a certain delay in time, which is set by you inside the system. Automatic reminder, when a customer does not answer within a given time period can also be activated. This way the important information on the reasons influencing person’s decision to stop using certain services can be obtained.

For those clients of yours who order insurance services in person and do not use computers or gadgets, we also have a solution. With a frequency set by you we will send a paper survey to your lost customers. It will contain everything that is needed to give the answers to the survey, including the return envelope.

The two mentioned above are not the only ways to contact the lost customers, that Why Cancel provides. In order to discuss how the collection of lost customer opinions can be organized in your particular case, please contact us.

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Easily read the automatically analysed results or immerse into details for making more reasonable decisions with Why Cancel’s advanced analytical engine.

As soon as the answers of your customers are received by the system, they are being immediately analysed and displayed inside the Reports section. Thus, you will be able to see and track the results in real time. All the features for advanced data analysis are at your service right from the very start.

Generate different types of diagrams and charts, explore the formed text clouds for the text answers to easily identify the problem area without diving into the details, filter the results by date, language, customer group, operating agent etc., exclude non-relevant answers from the overall statistics, explore the individual customer answers and so on. The reports can be generated according to your settings and exported into such file formats as Word, PDF, SPSS or raw data.

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Our specialists do all the necessary work of setting up the system and automatic sending of surveys.

There is no need to think how to connect Why Cancel to your website or CRM for automatic tracking of service cancellations and what has to be done in case of any errors during the work. The developers from our team will do all the needed actions and make sure everything is working as it should.

For any questions or custom requests, please contact us by phone, email or website chat. We have an extensive experience of working with companies from various business segments and will gladly help you to improve your insurance company with help of automatic tracking and surveys of cancelling customers.

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