Make your printed media more attractive and avoid major loss of subscribers.

Find out how to reduce the lost subscribers, retain the existing ones and identify the ways of attracting new readers to your newspaper or magazine with our Why Cancel. Set it up once and use it daily. You can’t avoid losing customers, but minimizing losses is fully in your hands. Why Cancel controls the unsubscription process and provides you with the basic information needed for making changes to your business or its offerings.

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Ask for expert help and get your survey workflow ready without any hassle.

Just to ask a standard question or a few at the right time is not enough. Of course, you will get an information of some value, but if you’re not 100% sure how to construct the questions in a right way and how to extract the data from the received answers, which can be later profitably used, it’s better to seek professional help.

Our team of professionals is always ready to consult you or even help to construct the right questions which will bring the answers you are looking for. They will learn your company’s situation and provide the best possible solution on what to ask, how and when.

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Our solution is equally useful in case of postal or digital subscription used by your newspaper or magazine.

We know that in order to reach the target audience, newspapers and magazines provide an opportunity of postal subscription and an online one to their readers. Why Cancel can be equally effectively used in both cases.

When the reader of your newspaper or magazine cancels the subscription through your website, Why Cancel catches his name, email, subscription ID and uses this data to prepare and send him an appropriate survey according to your settings. You can also turn on automatic reminder sending, if the reader ignores your first email. Thus, you can collect a valuable information, which would otherwise be missed.

If a certain part of your readers prefers using postal forms for subscription / unsubscription, Why Cancel will still be able to perform its task. With a frequency depending on your needs we will send the same survey as mentioned above, but in a paper form to your lost readers. It will contain all that is needed to fill it in and send it back to our scanning service, including the return envelope. We know how important the collected information can be, that’s why we provide you with the best possible tool to get it.

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Powerful analysis is an integral part of Why Cancel system.

Gathered survey data without statistical processing, sorting and the right interpretation will bring additional difficulties instead of use and timely reaction. For this reason, inside Why Cancel we have implemented a powerful analytical engine. It lets you understand from the first glance the weaknesses of your business and the major complaints of your readers. Learn the top arguments to see what influences your unsubscriptions the most, filter the results based on various parameters to get the detailed information, receive data in real time and draw the right conclusions. All the necessary tools are in your hands inside Why Cancel.

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Integrate Why Cancel to the unsubsription flow on your website or through the postal forms. Get our help on any stage of the process.

Why Cancel connects to the unsubscription flow of your website with a small coding work. We take care of this part ourselves and make the necessary adjustments for you. If you want to use Why Cancel with postal forms, please contact us for calculating the cost and organizing the workflow management. Also, if you want our specialists to help you on any stage of working with Why Cancel system or have any other question, you can reach us by phone, email or online chat on site.

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