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This is how our service works!

Step 1.

A cancellation occurs and you do not know why. Why Cancel catches the name, email and the subscription ID.

Step 2.

When the cancel process is finalized the system will send out the questionnaire to the customers, including automatic reminder, if they will not answer within a given period.

Step 3.

Why Cancel will compute all the answers and show you the results in black and white. It is now time for you to act on them and get less and less customers to unsubscribe. Do not know what to do? Ask our consultants to help you get less cancellations.

Track online cancellations within your website or service.

If you have a subscription service, then Why Cancel is the best tool you can have for tracking why the cancellations occur and why. Every organization has cancellations, but not knowing why most of your customers cancel is not good from a business perspective.
Our service works out of the box with your cancel flow. All you need is to get the software codes included into your system (Our support team will help you to get it included for free).

Ok, you got me. How do I start?

Know more of why they unsubscribe from your newsletter.

When readers stop subscribing for your newsletter there is always more than 1 reason. Including Why Cancel to your cancelling flow, you can include a survey with the questions you need to know, not the questions your newsletter provider thinks are good to know.

Questions like form, frequency, quality of content and more get overlooked from the standard un-subscription processes. Know instead of thinking and make the changes to be a real winner.

Ok, you got me. How do I start?



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This service is totally free but needs Examinare Survey Tool to work. Fear not because Examinare are here to help you. You will get 1 week absolutely for free and after that week you will know if our program is for you. Contact Examinare to get help to start using this service.

The 1 week trial comes with no obligations whatsoever.

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