Reduce the quantity of lost subscribers by identifying the reasons of losses and working on them.

People are different, so are their tastes. Your online newspaper can’t be adored by everyone and satisfy all the readers, but having the exact numbers in your hands together with exact reasons of why people leave or lose interest to your media is a great weapon in minimizing the dissatisfaction. Why Cancel provides an intuitive and easy to use system for controlling unsubscribers, finding out what makes them leave and analyzing the received data in the informative form.

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Expert services of survey creation and consulting are available by your request.

Today very few people will deny the efficiency and positive impact of surveys on any business. At the same time there are lots of aspects, which interfere with the regular use of such services, like additional workload on a certain newspaper department, time, the lack of knowledge on how and what to ask to get the expected response rate.

We work in survey industry for more than 15 years and our experts know how to build effective questionnaires in different situations to receive the answers, which a certain business demands. Why Cancel has proven its efficiency many times and if you don’t know how or won’t receive the expected results during your work with our system, just order our expert help and we will help you to turn your negative unsubscription trend into a positive one.

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Find out how to influence the negative trend and turn unsubscribers to good use with Why Cancel.

In fact, even the most successful businesses lose customers daily, so there is nothing unusual in it. However, there is always an objective reason behind unhappy client. That is why letting things go by themselves is a lost opportunity from a business perspective. You work so hard to attract and keep your readers, so why wouldn’t you make a small additional effort for eliminating the reason, which finally makes the reader unsubscribe from your online newspaper?

So this is a place, where Why Cancel steps into the game. When a reader cancels a subscription on your webpage, our system identifies his name and email and in a given timeframe sends him a small questionnaire to ask about the reasons behind his decision. As we mentioned above, the questionnaire is being created by you, or our specialist team in the professional survey tool, which you also get access to. Why Cancel system is fully autonomous, so if it identifies that no response was received in a given timeframe, it sends your customer a reminder. This is an optional feature, but activating it usually vastly raises the response rate.

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Regularly check the analyzed results and make changes to the working strategy.

Flawed or disordered data can lead to the wrong conclusions. That is why data analysis is implemented on a serious level in Why Cancel. First of all, the incoming responses are being analyzed with a lightning speed and displayed inside the system in real time. Thus, you can be sure that at any given moment you will receive only the actual data. Secondly, the answers to the certain questions are displayed in the easy-to-understand charts (where applicable) and you won’t need to spend long time trying to figure out the results. Thirdly, due to the advanced results filtering, you can check the received data based on certain parameters for more exact further strategical planning. Receiving important analytical data for the future improvements of your newspaper working strategy has never been easier.

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Order Why Cancel today and get our help for a smooth, effortless start.

Why Cancel is being connected to your system with integrating certain parts of code into your CRM by our development team. Our specialists are also always ready to help you with any advice or support task. For this or any other question you can reach our team by phone, email or online chat on site. Besides, you can find answers for the most frequently asked questions about using Why Cancel in our detailed online manual.

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