Minimize your customer outflow and retain your existing customers with Why Cancel, the automatic unsubscription tracking and satisfaction control tool.

When the customer cancels his streaming service subscription, it’s really important for the company to know the reason of it. Was the service under his expectations, has he found the cheaper price proposal, is he having temporary money difficulties?

Why Cancel is an automatic system, which tracks customer unsubscriptions, sends them a short survey in a set time frame, reminders (if needed), analyzes the gathered responses and presents them in a convenient form for the further work on the improvement of your business.

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Benefit from our survey consultant services to get the most out of your unsubsription surveys.

Planning and developing a properly functioning survey may become a hassle or bring wrong and lacking results. Inappropriate question types, too long surveys, incomplete surveys, uninformative answering options; there may be a lot of reasons for not getting the expected results. If you are facing any kind of troubles during working with surveys or want to avoid them from the very start of tracking unsubscriptions, our survey consultants will gladly help you.

During a scheduled meeting with your streaming service representative they will gather the necessary information about your needs, purposes and then guide you to plan and implement the most effective in your circumstances survey or develop it for you. This way you can concentrate only on the everyday analysis reports and be sure that you’re getting the most use out of your customer losses.

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Always be aware of why the clients stop using your streaming service for timely changes in your business processes and even returning the lost clients back.

The simple presence of the clarifying question in the appropriate place of your unsubscription page on site is not an effective and convenient way both for ensuring the informative response rate and analyzing the systematized results. That is the reason survey professionals developed Why Cancel’s functions in a different from the standard solutions way.

With a simple code Why Cancel connects to the subscription service of your company and when your customer cancels his subscription, it sends him the previously developed questionnaire in a set period of time and repeats the request to take part in a survey within few days, if the customer ignores or misses the first email. The received results are then passed to the analysis engine, which processes them according to the question type and depicts in the corresponding view.

It may seems simple, but in fact, as our experience shows, it’s the most good working yet unobtrusive way of getting valuable information from the clients.

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Extensive, professional data analysis as a part of the service.

From the very start we treat analysis capabilities very seriously. It is pointless to invest money into automation and survey development in terms of streaming service unsubscription tracking, if you can’t get use from every single bit of collected data.

All the important analysis capabilities like charting, result filtering and report generation, exporting the results into the most popular file formats are available inside Why Cancel. You choose yourself, whether you want to quickly check the simplified view of the analysed results, dive deeply into certain aspects of client votes or study in details every single comment received in a specific day or week.

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Start using Why Cancel today. Connect it to your system.

Why Cancel can be used with any CRM. You do not need to worry about anything, because our specialists will do all the necessary integrational job. Our development department is able to also adjust Why Cancel according to your needs and add the missing functions or make it work according to your business standards and needs.

If you require any kind of consultation, help or have questions about our service, please contact us via phone, email or online chat. Our specialists will be happy to help you and give you all the necessary information for your buying decision.

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